While Halloween is a time for kids to have fun with friends, it is important to teach them proper Halloween safety tips to ensure that the night doesn’t get spoiled. Summit Children’s Center loves Halloween, but safety is of the utmost importance. Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year for children. Below, we will be going over some of the top Halloween safety tips that you should teach your children and adhere to yourself to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible.

Top Halloween Safety Tips:

1. Follow the Rules of Traffic.

Following the rules for traffic and road safety is crucial.  Teach your children to obey the rules of pedestrian traffic. Only cross streets at crosswalks. Along with this, you want them to make sure that they are only crossing streets when the walking sign is visible.  And, always wait for vehicles to stop to cross any street. Not only are these Halloween safety tips but safety tips every child should in general.

Summit Children's Center's top Halloween safety tips

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2. Don’t Text and Walk.

Texting is a great way for your child to stay in constant contact with you!  However, be sure that your kids avoid texting or using their mobile phones while they are walking.  Texting or talking on the phone can take your child’s attention away from potentially dangerous situations.  Instead, tell them to use their phones once they are safely stopped on the sidewalk or in a yard. That way, they are staying alert and keeping their attention on their surroundings.

3. Wear Reflective Clothing.

Whether it matches their costumes or not, you want to ensure that your child has something on their costume that is reflective. Having reflective clothing or pieces of tape on your child’s costume will allow them to be seen by oncoming vehicles. Because some costumes might require the use of darker materials, you want to ensure that you are using reflective material that can be seen when it is dark outside. Having this reflective material may allow oncoming drivers to see your child when their headlights shine on the reflective strips creating better visibility. Kids are at a much higher risk of being hit by a car during Halloween than any other day of the year, so follow these Halloween safety tips

4. Avoid Running.

Some tips might seem like silly Halloween safety tips, but we really believe they all should be followed! Running can be very dangerous during Halloween night. Because of this, you want to tell your kids to avoid running or darting out in an area where cars are driving.  Running is only going to put them in danger because it will decrease reaction times of drivers on the road. Along with this, it can increase your child’s chances of tripping and falling because it is dark outside.

5. Give Children Flashlights.

Carrying a flashlight, will provide your child with increased visibility for themselves, and allow drivers to see them easier. Make sure to check the batteries are good. We suggest new batteries for the evening’s festivities.

6. Stick to Neighborhoods You Know.

It is always recommended that kids go trick or treating during Halloween with supervision. Even so, it’s best to stick to neighborhoods that you are familiar with. This way, not only will you know exactly where to go, but it can help minimize the chances that your kids end up getting lost in a neighborhood that they are unfamiliar with. Sticking to a familiar neighborhood will make it easier for your kids to navigate their way home if they are not being supervised by an adult.

Halloween safety tips from Summit Children's Center

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7. Stick to A Group.

Halloween safety tips include safety in numbers! When it comes to going out on a night like Halloween, you want your kids to stick to a group. You want to tell your kids to stick with their group of friends throughout the entire night. It’s always good to have a backup plan if they get separated from the group as well. 

8. Don’t Enter Homes.

You also want your kids to know not to enter strange homes even if they are invited inside. Instead, you want to tell them to contact an adult if they are asked to enter a strange vehicle or home while they are out trick or treating.

9. Teach Your Kids to Call 911.

Carrying a cell phone while out trick or treating could help to save a life.  At least one of the kids in your child’s group should have a phone. They should know how to call 911 and when they should call 911.

10. Inspect Candy.

Our Halloween safety tips continue even after your children are home. You want your kids to wait until they get home to enjoy their candy. Tell them that they should do so to give themselves proper light and time to inspect the candy. They should know to never consume candy that has been opened.

11. Don’t Go Near Strange Dogs.

While most dogs are friendly, if your kids are dressed in a scary outfit, even a friendly dog might get uncomfortable and act out. You should tell your kids

to avoid strange dogs and venturing onto other people’s property other than the front door to ask for candy. That way, they don’t put themselves in harm’s way from an aggressive or nervous dog.

12. Avoid Houses That Are Too Dark.

Make sure to tell your kids to avoid houses that might not have the proper lighting. It is best to stick with houses that are well lit because it can provide a much safer interaction.

Important Halloween safety tips by Summit Children's Center

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13. Have A Pre-Planned Route.

Create a pre-planned route that your kids can follow for trick or treating.  Not only is this going to be a great way to ensure that they can hit all of the houses that they want to without having to constantly cross streets, but it can give parents a good idea of when and where they should be at all times.

Overall, Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of the year for any kid. Go over all of our Halloween safety tips above with your kids before they go out for Halloween.  Staying safe and having a plan will make the night fun for everyone involved and avoid safety complications.  We hope you enjoyed our child safety tips for HalloweenSummit Children’s Center wishes you a safe and Spooktacular evening this Halloween season.