Fall is here, and that means it’s time to fun fall activities for kids and the entire family. Check out some of Summit Children’s Center’s favorite fall activities for your children that are also fun fall activities for adults

Our Favorite 20 Fall Activities for Kids

1. Jumping on a pile of leaves

There is nothing more enjoyable than jumping on a pile of dry leaves raked under a tree. Take lots of photos as you are sure to have some amazing shots to frame and share with your Family!  When you are done with the photo shoot, join in the fun and make leaf angels!

Fall activities for kids by Summit Children's Center

summit childrens center fall activities

2. Apple picking

Autumn brings orchards of apples. You can take your kids to some of the popular orchards in Kansas City Missouri including Louisburg Cider Mill and Cider Hill Family Orchard. It is the perfect way to spend time with your family.  Once you get home put those apples to work making yummy treats that you and your children will enjoy.

3. Throw a theme party and invite your kid’s friends

Throw a monster-themed party or super-hero-themed party for your kids. Invite their friends and family over. Those crisp apples you picked at the orchard will be gobbled up fresh or in freshly-baked cakes and cookies. Set up a few fall activities for kids outside while the adults enjoy delicious horderves!  

4. Visit a pumpkin patch

Like apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch is another fun activity for the entire family. While you’re there, be sure to go on a hayride and participate in other fun fall activities for kids that the patch may have.  Make sure you bring home some pumpkins to decorate for the holidays and a few to make a yummy pumpkin pie.

5. Decorate the pumpkin

Get your kids involved in decorating the pumpkins you bring home from the pumpkin patch! There are so many different techniques from drawing, painting, wax melting and carving.  Plan out your decorating masterpieces with the kids and then get to work having fun! If carving is involved be sure younger kids are highly supervised if they will be handling carving tools.  Most of all just have fun with your family and enjoy the holiday season with fun fall crafts

6. Make hot chocolate for fun activities with kids

Try some of the different hot chocolate recipes this fall. Your kids won’t want to go out of the house once they start drinking them. Watch Hocus Pocus with delicious hot chocolate and quality time with your little one. 

7. Arrange treasure hunts indoors

When brainstorming of fall activities for kids, have you thought about a treasure hunt? Kids love treasure hunts, especially when they get their favorite treat at the end of the game. Think of some simple riddles that your kids can solve and get going with them in the hunt. 

8. Decorate your house

With the fall comes Halloween and Thanksgiving. And there is no better way to celebrate than turning your home into a haunted house one month and a festive cornucopia next month. Furthermore, make decorating part of all the fall arts and crafts for kids! You can use pumpkins, fun lighting, corn stalks and leaves for both months decorations. Shake up the scary for October by adding some ghosts and goblins or maybe some witches brew.  In November add a cornucopia and some beautiful fall flowers. Make sure to use child safe candles inside the pumpkins. Happy decorating! 

9. Go on a picnic

Kansas City Missouri has numerous picnic spots perfect for fall activities for kids. They have unmatched landscapes that almost take a different turn during autumn. Have the kids help plan the menu and pack a picnic basket for a fun weekend outing.  They will love it! 

10. Go on a scavenger hunt

One of the fun fall activities for kids that our family does each autumn is a scavenger hunt. Create a list of 20 items that you and your family can collect in the neighborhood such as pine cones, colorful leaves and feathers.  Get creative and include unique items that may be a little more challenging. 

11. Make apple deserts

Kids love apple desserts. You can pick apples from orchards and use them to make different apple treats. Instruct your kids to make monkey bread while you prepare some mouth-watering apple pies.

12. Paint pinecones

Your kids will jump with joy when you give them some acrylic color and a few pinecones you collected from the scavenger hunt. Let them be creative. You can hang these pinecones in your backyard later.

13. Color with leaves

We have more fall arts and crafts for kids! Give them watercolor and drawing sheets. Collect a few colorful leaves and ask them to slowly draw the outline of the leaf by placing it on the paper. They can fill out the color once they finish.  The final art pieces can be used to help decorate for the holidays. 

14. Go to a fall fair for more fun activities for kids

Kansas City Missouri conducts lots of fairs during the fall season.  A fair can be a fun outing for the whole family with little preparation. Be sure to take along any necessities for the little ones and then go have a ball!  Ride the rides, eat the cotton candy, taste the funnel cakes, have your face painted! There are fun fall activities for kids and the rest of the family!

Summit Children's Center's favorite fall activities for kids

fall activities for kids summit childrens 

15. Tell ghost stories by the campfire

Arrange a bonfire in your backyard. Gather your kids and their friends and take turns telling ghost stories! If you don’t have a flair for storytelling, just enjoy the evening with the warm fire, roasted hotdogs and smores!  Your kids are sure to love it. Besides, who doesn’t love hotdogs roasted on a campfire and smores?!

16. Go out and have a ball

One of our favorite fall activities for kids is simple! Take your kids out and play football in the bright sunshine. You can call your kids’ friends and make a five-on-five team. If you don’t know the rules, introduce new rules to make the game exciting and unique. 

17. Sack race

This game never fails to bring your kids down to a fit of laughter. Collect some sacks and start a sack race in your backyard or a nearby field. Your kids will have a blast with their friends.  Be sure to have refreshments at the end to quench your tired racers thirsts. Apple cider is always a hit at my house!

18. Go camping

Fall is the perfect season for camping.  The weather is still warm enough, and you don’t have to worry about getting eaten up by bugs.  Plan the trip so that the kids have fun car games to play for the drive, and make sure to bring everyone’s favorite blanket!  Once you are settled in at your campsite, enjoy the starts and nature while cooking over a campfire. 

Summit Children's Center's fun fall activities for kids and the entire family

favorite fall activities for kids

19. Conduct a game night

Invite a few of your kids’ friends for a game night. However, be creative with your games. Some of the popular games you can try are Apples to Apples, Twister, Disney’s Sorry, Don’t Wake Daddy, Disney’s Scene It, and many others.

20. Build a fort

Towards the later part of fall, fun fall activities for kids may have to be indoors. Building a fort doesn’t have to include construction with hammers and nails.  Try a pillow and sheet fort in the living room or a fort made from a few large boxes and some tape. If you are going the route of boxes and tape, why not spice up the décor with crayons or child friendly paint!

Summit Children’s Center loves fall and hopes you find these fall activities for kids entertaining for the entire family! Have fun with your kids this fall and visit Summit Children’s Center to learn more about our programs and our mission! Schedule a tour today.