Regular physical exercise is vital for kids. During the winter, the temperatures are extremely cold, and one would understand if you want to snuggle the kids up on the couch under a blanket. However, protecting the kids from the cold without promoting a healthier lifestyle will not do much. Engaging the kids in exercises during the winter is an excellent way to keep them warm and active. It also promotes their general well being because they become more fit.  If you have been worrying about how you will keep your kids active this coming winter, do not fret.

Summit Children’s Center has come up with the best winter activities to keep your kids active. No parent wants to keep babysitting during the winter. It is advisable to ensure your children receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. This helps to promote a healthier weight for kids and reduces the chances of lifestyle diseases. Below are some ideas for you.

6 Ways to Keep Kids Active in the Winter

Play  Outside

It doesn’t mean that you should stay indoors with your kids just because it is cold outside. This is a misconception most people have and hence, tend to use the cold weather as an excuse not to get active. The secret to enjoying the winter weather is to have warm clothes for your children and you. Dress them in layers, warm boots, gloves, and some warm socks. Once you have dressed the kids warm enough, go for a walk with them.

Children tend to be so energetic. As long as they feel warm, they will be able to run around the compound and play. This boosts their energy levels, making the kids active. If the kids love activities such as skating or snowshoeing, encourage them to play. If it is too snowy, you could also build a snowman with your kids. It is never that serious. As long as you keep watch, the kids will be just fine, playing their games and running around. If the kids are in school, you could ask the teacher to allow them to walk around the school track, to lift their mood and make them active, under supervision.

Activities to keep kids active in the winter

Dancing Competitions

One thing about children is that they are always ready and willing to explore. You don’t have to go outside to keep the kids active. You only need to be creative. Dancing competitions are an excellent way to keep the kids entertained while ensuring they are engaged. Find a room, preferably kids playing room and bring in the radio. Turn on their favorite song and challenge them to dance to the song. Also, gift the one who will dance the longest. You will be surprised at how cooperative these kids will be as each tries to win the gift. This helps them to burn calories while promoting their general wellbeing.

Apart from this, you could also introduce games. Some of the games that will keep the kids active during this time include hide and seek and jump roping. Indoor jump roping is fun for kids and will keep them busy for some time.

Visit Your Local Fitness Center 

You may not have known there are fitness centers for kids. These classes that are specifically targeted for the kids make them fit and health-conscious from an early age, and this is a good thing. These fitness centers usually have flexible schedules for the kids. Some provide gymnastics classes, dance classes, swimming lessons, and even martial arts. Some might even have winter sports teams such as basketball or soccer. If your child is a basketball enthusiast, they will be more than willing to play the game in winter.

Maybe your kid isn’t a game enthusiast but enjoys gymnastics and martial arts. Just sign them up. Some of these classes are held at least three times a week, and this is good for your kid. You could also ask whether there are classes the whole family could participate in. Such courses tend to increase the bond you have with your children while helping you understand each other more. If for some reason, you have never been to your nearest fitness center, this is the time to do it.

ways to keep kids active

Limit Screen Time

One thing about this generation is that the kids spend so much of their time on behind a screen and miss out on the simple joy that one can derive from spending time with other kids. As parents, it is your responsibility to keep your kids active during winter.  Summit Children’s Center gives tips on how to limit the amount of time your child spends watching television or playing games on their computers here. By children spending a lot of time on screen, they become less active and lazier. Involve your kids in more activities. It could be something as simple as walking the dog around your home area or going to pick the mail.

These activities make your kids more active and make them focus less on social media. It could also include something such as cleaning the house. Of course, this depends on the age of the kids. Make it fun by playing some music as you clean the house or do chores together.

Mall Playground

If you live in an urban setting, there is a high chance of you having a mall around your home area. You should consider going to the mall with your kids. On some days, you could choose to go shopping with the kids. The mere act of sending them to grab something from the counters is exercise. You should also take them to the mall playground. Most of these malls have a lot of children’s games that will make them very active. Besides, they will be able to make new friends, which is also healthy. Don’t limit your kids the chance to interact with other kids.

indoor activities for kids in the winter time


Skyzone is all the rage these days and the perfect place to take your little ones on the cold, slow days. Skyzone is a chain of indoor trampoline parks across the world, and there’s one right here in Lee’s Summit. The park has endless activities to keep your kids active along with snacks to keep the kids fueled. Enjoy watching your kids and their friends have the time of their lives at Skyzone! One of the pricier activities on our list, but every once in awhile, the trampoline park is so worth it. 

Keeping kids active during winter is not hard. Set the intention and find activities that will work for your kids. Consider our tips above if you want to keep your kids active during winter, and if you haven’t already, visit Summit Children’s Center for a tour!