With the holidays just around the corner, it’s crunch time for finding the perfect gifts! One very important person you may be shopping for is your little ones’ teacher. Summit Children’s Center is here to help with unique gifts for teachers. Below, we have put a list of the gifts together that are budget friendly and sure to make your school teacher smile.

The List of Unique Gifts for Teachers

1. A mason jar with gums

Mason jars are affordable, trendy and useful. Fill a mason jar with a variety of gums or mints! Have your child visit a grocery store or department store to help pick out treats to fill the jar with. Summit Children’s Center’s favorite items to package inside mason jars are an assortment of dove chocolates. The teacher can take the jar home or leave it at school for a midday pick me up!

2. A personalized tote bag

We’ve gifted a tote bag in the past, and this year to make the gift even more unique and useful, try personalizing the tote! There are so many unique options on Etsy for personalized and embroidered tote bags. Whether the teacher uses it for school, travel, or packing they will find the perfect place for this gift. Your child can help choose colors and fonts, making unique gifts for teachers even more special. 

best unique gifts for teachers list

3. A New York Times Bestseller

Although a book may seem a common gift, we consider it the safest gift. You may not know what the teacher likes or dislikes. Visiting the New York Times Bestseller table is always a good idea. Read some covers, pick your favorite, and gift the teacher with a fulfilling read for the holidays. 2019 was full of excellent novels that anyone will enjoy! 

4. A set of essential oils

Dealing with kids all day can cause stress and anxiety for your beloved teacher. Summit Children’s Center loves the benefits of essential oils, so we recommend giving the gift of relaxation. A set of essential oils is a part of our list of unique gifts for teachers and one of our favorites! Your child can pick their favorite scent along with the basics- lavender, mint, and lemon. Pair the essential oils with homemade soaps to make the gift even more special.

essential oils for unique gifts for teachers

5. Gifts Cards to Your Favorite Restaurant

To make a gift card part of our unique gifts for teachers list, we recommend picking your favorite restaurant or boutique! During the school year, your teacher may find it hard to find time to treat themselves to a nice dinner or a fun outing. Giving them an excuse to indulge in good food or treat themselves to a nice gift is a present they will greatly appreciate!  

6. Personalized Coffee Mug

If the teacher is a coffee drinker (most are), this is such a fun gift! A coffee mug with a funny, endearing note on it is affordable and light-hearted. Pair this with a bag of delicious Roasterie or Parisi coffee beans, and you may become the teacher’s favorite! 

7. A Desk Lamp

One of Summit Children’s Center’s favorite desk accessories is a desk lamp. There are rechargeable desk lamps along with some that have outlets or USB ports. Useful, unique gifts for teachers are the best way to thank them for what they do for your little ones! 

desk lamps for the best teachers for kids

8. A gift basket filled with unique gifts for teachers

A classic gift, but so much flexibility to make unique! Gift baskets with an assortment of treats, pencils and pens are the perfect way to spoil your child’s teacher. We love gifting a big basket filled with your child’s picks along with the teacher’s favorite snacks. 

9. A memory book

Not only is a memory book part of our unique gifts for teachers list, but one of the most heartwarming gifts. Your child can help a lot with this one, writing their favorite memories of the school year so far. Include the first-day-of-school picture along with any pictures of field trips and activities that have been captured. 

10. A basic toolkit

Not many people have an entire set of tools in one place in their house. From a small hammer to a variety of screwdrivers, gift a toolkit with all of the necessary items the teacher may need. This gift is one of our favorites for the young teachers beginning their career! 

With our list of unique gifts for teachers, we hope you find the perfect one for your child’s teacher. Have fun with the gift and ask your child for help. Summit Children’s Center appreciates teachers, and a great way to show this appreciation is by gifting something unique and special. Happy shopping!